Saturday, May 25, 2019

Christopher Columbus Day Essay

I believe that Christopher capital of Ohio is a villain. I think the anniversary of Columbus be not a magazine for celebration but for reflection and repentance because he took a whole bunch of Indians captive, hoping they would take him to gold and other treasures. Some other reasons why Columbus Day shouldnt be celebrated is he kept on collecting gold and Indians to other places he went. Christopher Columbus also opened up the continent to slavery, he was one of the first European slave traders in the world.He had the Indians go to all sorts of places to serve people there. The Spanish came up with an conceit with the help of Columbus to make Indians get gold and if they didnt then they would get their heads chopped off. Ancestors of the European conquest must acknowledge a go along history of oppression, degradation and genocide because Columbus killed an entire people. Because of what Columbus started the Spanish started to move to African slaves because the Indians were dying too quick.Its not a good topic to celebrate Columbus Day, unless you want to celebrate how he tortured, killed and raped so many Indians and Africans just to get treasure. When other countries realized that there was a raw continent they started there own search for gold and other riches. This led to the major countries in Europe colonizing undeveloped countries and establishing colonies. Aboriginals peoples around the world were exploited and apply as cheap labour. This is a practice that still continues today.Politically the richer countries set up governments in the poorer countries and began to make the laws and govern these new colonies. Economically money from the poorer countries was move back to the European countries. Environmentally the search for natural resources like gold and oil, destroyed and damaged the environment. The richer countries didnt care very much about this. In recent years we have began to take better care of our planet but a lot of damage has already been done.

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